Where do you source the goat milk for the Goat Milk Soap?

The goat milk is sourced straight on farm from our Anglo-Nubian Goats. Iminamuck Anglo-Nubian goats are milked once a day and free-range all day with their kids.

Our Goat Milk Soap contains 40% of our fresh goat milk. The rich goat milk added creaminess to produce a luxurious soap. The combination of the goat milk and the extra virgin olive oil makes a gentle cleanser, gently exfoliant, rich in nutrients that may help dry, sensitive skin.

Are the goats pasture-fed?

At Iminamuck, all our goats are free-range and pasture fed resulting in healthy animals and rich milk.

The milkers get a little treat on the milking stand of fermented grains (this is the equivalent of only half a cup). We do this to increase the diversity of their diet, that at the end, increases the diversity of the microorganisms in their rumen (the rumen is the first stomach, that acts like a big fermenting vat). The diversity makes them more resilient to change to their feed. As the different seasons and paddocks always bring a wide variety of different feeds it is important that the microorganisms in their rumen can adapt quickly, this also ables us to quickly act in case of natural disaster (flood, bushfire, drought…) without upsetting their digestive system.

What happened with the babies?

All the kids (baby goat) stay with their mums. We seperate them at night when we need more milk. We do not wean the kids, we let the mums decide when it is time.

The boys are sold as pets or stud breeder. If they don’t find a forever home they stay with the herd until they are around 10 month old. At that time they will be ready to be sold as free-range meat, a perfect way to close the natural cycle.

Are your products made with natural ingredients?

All our products are handcrafted from scratch. That way we know exactly what goes in it. All our ingredients are natural and source on farm or locally (when possible).

All the ingredients are listed for each product so you know exactly what is in it.

Our products are scented with essential oils only, and all colours come from clays or botanicals.

Why using Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is locally sourced from the producer, free of chemicals as the extraction is mechanical. The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is also the most sustainable oil, produce locally.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil makes a hard block of soap that is gentle to the skin.

Are your products free of palm oil and coconut oil?

All our products are free of Palm Oil and Coconut Oil.

This oils are not produce locally and are not sustainable .

Also Coconut oil is comedogenic, clogging the pores of your skin, and once transform in soap, it is a really harsh cleaner that can induce dry, red, itchy skin and allergic reaction.

Do you use preservatives?

No. None of our products contain preservatives.

Do you have shampoo bar?

We do not have a specific shampoo, all our soaps are ideal for hair, body, face and all types of skin.

Our bar/block of soaps are designed all-in-one, gentle enough for the most sensitive skin and hair.

When washing your hair, less is better, do not wash your hair too often and do not use to much soap. Concentrated on massaging the scalp. If needed, rince soap off and reapply until you got a nice lather. Once you achieve a nice lather on your scalp , it means it is clean.

Keep soap out of your eyes. If soap get in your eyes, rince with clean water.

Do you use lye for your soap?

Yes, this is the only way to do a pure, natural soap. This process is called saponification and transform the oil/fat into soap.

All our formulations have been designed that no lye is left after the process resulting in a rich gentle soap free of chemicals.

We handcraft our soaps with two different process.

The first is called cold process. We use this one for our goat milk soap to make sure we keep all the benefits of the goat milk.

The second is called hot process. We gently cook on low heat the oil/fat over a long period of time to achieve long lasting, old fashion soap like our Castile soap made with 100% pure extra virgin olive oil and for our goat tallow soap.