All our goats are pure Anglo-Nubians registered with the Dairy Goat Society of Australia.

They free range 24/7 all year round and are pasture fed on our regenerate land with access to a lounge area to protect them from the elements.

Our breeding goal is to have goats who are fit to free range (straight legs, strong foot, good udder attachement) and able to browse and graze the pastures.

We breed our goats once a year to have babies in September. The babies are raise on their mums, once they are eating solid food (browser, hay…) we keep all the babies together at night in their own pen away from predators and spend the day grazing with the herd.

We milk the girls once a day, on the milking stand they get a small treat of lupin (legume). We process the milk straightaway…the freshest you can find!

We have every year kids for sale as baby bottles (the herd is tested negative for CAE and JD), send us an expression of interest through the contact page for more information.

The boys who are not sold as buck or pet, stay in the herd until they are ready to go to the market for meat, at around 1 year old.



Goat Meat is a naturally lean meat. It is a delicious meat that is the most consumed around the world.

Iminamuck Anglo-Nubian meat is the most luxury goat meat you would find!

Anglo-Nubian Goats